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Product > Portable Solar Products > Foldable Solar Charger > Foldable solar panel 9W 18W manufacturer in Taiwan

Item NO. : iSOLAR-9W, iSOLAR-18W
Product Name : Foldable solar panel 9W 18W manufacturer in Taiwan

Brief Description :
GOOGOL COMPANY Portable solar panel manufacturer Taiwan.
Foldable solar panel perfect for camping , beach, hiking. Suitable for 5 volt gadges, small electronic devices.

Lightweight, Waterproof, dust-proof, easy to folds and stores, durable.

1. Fast charging with 2 inputs and outputs, the phone can be fully charged in about 1 hour.
2. One-piece molding, high quality and no sewing.
3. Just spread it out in the sun when using it. Lightweight and easy to store.
4. The product is made of high-efficiency chips.
5. Real-time digital current display, check the current charging current at any time.
6. Can be fixed on the backpack using ropes or hooks.
7. Special tripod design to adjust the angle of the solar panel to maximize solar power generation.
- Folds away for storage - Highly efficient solar panel - Great for camping trips or hiking.

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Foldable solar panel 9W 18W  manufacturer in Taiwan

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