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Item NO. : WS10-170G6
Product Name : Small Solar Panels Customized High Efficiency Taiwan High Quality Manufacturer 10-170W

Brief Description :

Mono Crystalline Silicon,10-170W Small Solar Panels, High Quality Solar Modules, 100% Made in Taiwan, Not China Cells, China Photovoltaic Panels, Or Export Return Solar Panels. We Used Imported High Quality Laminating Materials , Custom Made Mini Solar Panels Available.

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Small Solar Panels Customized High Efficiency Taiwan High Quality Manufacturer 10-170W

Customized solar panel application

Small and Medium Solar Panel Application Products

GOOGOL COMPANY uses 6-inch high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells and designs bypass diodes to reduce the power drop caused by shading. It chooses to use low-iron and high-transmittance tempered glass, EVA, Tedlar backplane, and anodized aluminum Frame to make high-quality solar panels, customized solar panels are available.

The customized solar panels we manufacture are widely used in many places, such as bus stop signs, Solar telecommunication, solar street lights, Portable solar systems, Off-grid power station, parking lot ticket machines, surveillance cameras, forest monitoring systems (such as fire monitoring, etc.), farmland water conservancy irrigation monitoring, dam reservoir monitoring (such as water level monitoring, etc.) and power supply in remote areas, etc.

Our customized small and medium-sized panels and power storage systems provide all-round solutions for outdoor solar power to customers all over the world.

With 20 years of design experience, just tell us the requirements, design and manufacture can be handed over to us.

Size and power can be customized

Aluminum frame and PET can be customized in color

The appearance can be customized (please inquire for large quantity)



1.Solar telecommunication

2.Solar street lights

3.Solar traffic signs

4.Private residences

5.Off-grid power station

6.Portable solar systems

7.Solar water pumping/solar irrigation


*mono-crystalline silicon solar cell with high efficiency, high transmission rate and low iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVA and high frame resistant TPT to laminate and

anodized aluminum alloy.

*Products have high efficiency, long life, easy installation high wind and hail impact resistance, etc.

*Product warranty: 1 year


The common specifications are as follows, in addition, we can also help you customize other specifications of solar panels.

*Other specification are available upon custom request

*This document is the exclusive property of GOOGOL COMPANY and shall not be reproduced or copied or transformed to any other format without prior permission of GOOGOL COMPANY.

*Other specifications are available upon custom request

conditions: @ STC 1000W/M2, Am1.5.25。C

Certificate: CE

We are an ISO:9001 certified solar panel manufacturing factory.

Professional packaging:

The packaging is carried out in accordance with professional sop to ensure that the product is not damaged during delivery.

GOOGOL COMPANY is a leading manufacturer of solar panels in Taiwan, We design and manufacturer

customized small solar panels for big chains in Europe and America, with nearly 20 years of professional design and experience manufacturer 100% made in Taiwan. Customized

Not China cells、China photovoltaic panels or export return solar modules, We use imported high quality laminating materials, custom made mini solar panels available.

File Download(1):10W_170W-Mono-Googol Company

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