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Title:SUNPACK-5P User's Manual


With SunPack-5P, Foldable Solar Charger, you will never be caught without a charge! Use unlimited free energy from the sun to charge your mobile phones and personal electronic devices. You'd always be connected no matter where you are. Just open it under direct sunlight to charge, fold it when finish. SunPack-5P is compact, light weight and unbreakable. Super easy to use!


  1. Using unlimited free energy from the sun to charge your mobile phones and electronic devices.
  2. Open under sunlight to charge, fold when finished. Compact, light weight and convenient to use.
  3. Using high efficiency solar cells which last more then 20 years.
  4. Charge small electronic devices like mobile phones, iPhone, iPod, e-Book, GPS, etc.
  5. It it flexible, unbreakable and durable! Perfect for outdoor activity!
  6. 100% made in Taiwan with superior quality.
  7. It can be fixed to backpack with a rope or string for charging your electronic devices wherever you go.

Product Specification:

  • Certification: CE
  • Solar cell: High efficiency crystalline solar cells
  • Exterior material: canvas
  • Solar Module : 5W, 5V, 1A (2 pc x 2.5W)
  • USB output: 5V, 1A (max)
  • Dimension: (open) L*W*H: 30*41*0.3(cm) (folded) L*W*H: 30*13*3(cm)
  • Weight: 0.5kg(1.1lb)
  • Product Warranty: 1 year
  • Patent Pending.

Product Details:

User's Rules:

  1. Open SunPack-5P under direct sunlight, red led indicator light is on means it is ready to charge.
  2. Connect mobile phone or power bank to USB output with charging cable, it can charge mobile or powerbank immediately.
  3. Fix SunPack-5P to backpack with any string, it can charge wherever you go!

  4. SunPack-5P can be used to charge any electronic gadget of 5V USB as follows:
  5. Convenient to store and easy to use.


  1. Please tear off the PE film on the surface of solar panel to increase power output.
  2. Please use this product under direct sunlight and make sure there is no shade on so1ar panel.
  3. It is not suggested using SunPack-5P under glass or car windshield, because sun irradiation may be filtered or blocked by glass or windshield resulting in low power output.
  4. Please clean surfaces of solar panels regularly with dry soft towel for best efficiency. When cleaning, do not apply chemicals, and avoid scratching solar panels.
  5. Charging time may vary depending on brands of electronic devices, charging cables, outdoor environment, and sun irradiation, etc..


  1. Please keep SunPack-5P away from fire and water.
  2. Do Not punch, hit, put heavy load, or knock on the solar panel to avoid damaging solar cells. Also Do Not scratch solar panels or scrape with sharp items. Any scratch may affect solar panel efficiency.


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